How to lose weight quickly with Yoga


If you’d like to lose the flab from your mid-section then keep reading.


You see, there’s a new way to reshape your body and get toned buns, thighs and arms in only minutes a day.


This method doesn’t involve setting foot in a gym or doing cardio, crunches or weight lifting.


You see, the way to lose weight easily is with Yoga.


You might have a hard time believing this because it seems so effortless and gentle.


But believe it or not yoga can burn a surprising amount of calories.


This is according to yoga instructor Kris Fondran.


She describes herself as a former marathon and cardio junkie.


But after being injured she was told that yoga would speed up her recovery, she decided to give it a try.


She says it changed her life and transformed the way she thought about fitness.


And when she studied the benefits of yoga in her exercise lab, what she found was astounding.


Kris discovered that 10 minutes of yoga could burn as many calories as an hour of jogging.


This is incredible when you realize that unlike jogging, yoga doesn’t put stress on your knees and hips.


And believe it or not cardio can actually make you GAIN weight.


That’s because it puts stress on your body which raises your cortisol levels.


This is bad because cortisol makes you hungry.


On the other hand, multiple studies have found that yoga can actually lower cortisol.


Not only that, a recent clinical trial by The National Cancer Institute revealed that people who did half an hour of yoga a could lose up to 19 pounds a week.


And once you’ve lost the weight, yoga can also help you sculpt and build your body.


The gentle movements of yoga combined with your body weight will develop rock hard abs, arms and thighs over time.


But the biggest benefit is how you’re going feel.


As well as being a great way to exercise, it’s also an incredible therapy for your body and mind.


By the end of a session you’ll feel calm, relaxed and stress free.


You’ll  sleep better at night and have more energy during the day.


Plus yoga can also help to ease the pain and discomfort of back ache, sore joints and muscle pain.


With so many benefits there’s no reason not to start.


The only drawback is that it can be hard to get into, especially if you’re looking to specifically lose weight with yoga.


But this is why Kris Fondran has created a home workout program called Shape Shifter Yoga.


This program consists of yoga routines which are designed to help you lose weight and turn flab into muscle.


It’s easy to get into and perfect for beginners.


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Just a few minutes of yoga you can completely transform your body.


It can melt away belly fat, firm and tone your body and make you feel better than you have in years.


Don’t believe me?


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